Why doesn’t God just grant us our wishes?

Certainly, the omnipotent God who orchestrates the lives of 7 billion people, as well as the lives of all people past and future, could give us any desire of our hearts. He is God, after all. The simple answer to why God doesn’t just grant our wishes: we wish for the wrong things. And if God gave us those things, we would never be truly happy, truly fulfilled.

We desire all sorts of things, assuming they will satisfy us, but they never do. Think about your own life. How many times have you ever thought “If only I had ___________(fill in the blank: job, relationship, money, respect, power, etc.), I’d be happy.” We might be satisfied for a while, but sooner or later, inevitably, we will become dissatisfied and desire something else. In the end, nothing completely satisfies us, does it? Whatever we are yearning for, we turn it into our savior and worship it instead of the only one true object that will ever completely satisfy us.

In “King’s Cross,” Tim Keller says, “In the process of dealing with what we thought were our deepest wishes, Jesus has revealed an even deeper, truer one beneath-and it is for Jesus himself.” God is good, and wants to give good things to his children (Matt 7). So he offers to give us the best thing he could ever give us, namely Himself. (1 Pet 3:18).

God has already granted to us the only thing that will ever satisfy our desires, Himself. He is the one we should seek. If we truly wish for what is most beautiful, most enjoyable, most worthy of our time and affection, the fulfillment to that wish is God himself. In this life, we will have to fight both our flesh and the ruler of the world to find that deep satisfying joy. But we can look forward to the next life, when we will see Him as he is, and there, we will be truly and completely satisfied.


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