Some Brief Thoughts on Anti-Christianity

Here is a website I think some Christians will find interesting. It is called (and before you click the link, let me warn you that it contains some offensive language and is extremely mean-spirited in its hostility toward Christians and Christian doctrine). As the name suggests, the mission of the site is to demonstrate the immorality of the Bible (and by association, those who uphold it as a holy book). It also contains some of the typical “biblical contradictions” stuff. As is often typical with anti-Christian voices, the arguments offered on this site reflect a humanistic worldview as well as an inability to deal honestly with biblical context. The value of this site for the Christian, however, is that it provides some insight into the common thinking of those who are openly hostile toward the faith.

While I am not necessarily advocating that we engage in debate with these folks, I do think it is important that we learn to address some of the arguments because, at least from my vantage point, this hostility toward Christianity is growing in our culture. In fact, looking at the moral freefall within our country, we appear to be a nation that has been given over to its idolatry (see Rom 1:18-32, there are also some good sermon sound bytes by John MacArthur on this issue here). Thus, I expect that Christians will be dealing with this type of hostility on a more frequent basis. And our children will likely witness and be confronted with this hostility even more, especially in their schools and universities. Because of this, we need to teach them to rocognize the flaws in thinking and logic that these humanistic, anti-Christian types proudly exclaim. We should also teach them how to endure and respond in a manner that is fitting for one who professes the name of Christ (How, for example, should we respond to those who accuse God of murder or genocide?). Of course, to do this, we need to be able to deal with these issues at an apologetic level (I found a sermon by James White that might be somewhat helpful in this regard). The links below might prove helpful as well.

Carm Apologetics


Reason for God

Christian Research Institute

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